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Here are a collection of older projects from my work while completing my masters and other free lance opportunities.

Writing Porfolio at DVSGaming

 Vitality Depot

I have worked on a number of projects for TVD including rebuilding their website and bringing several new products to the Canadian Market. These projects include EZMend, Posture Medic, and Paingone. I have worked both on developing copy and graphic content on all these projects. Some Examples of projects I have contributed to include:


Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance – Clean Hands Initiative – Summer 2012

I worked with the Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance to help them promote good hand hygiene locally. I directed, shot, & edited a video that was distributed on their website for the cause. Over several months I worked with the four hospitals in the area to choreograph the video which was set to music by a local band.

Travel stAR – Winter 2012

Parthenon Mid TravelStarCharged with innovating on a current product or service our group chose to find new ways to improve tourism. In our research we discovered the number of GPS enabled mobile devices in growing. Our solution was integrating the emerging field of augmented reality with mobile devices to allow users the opportunity to engage with tourist sites.

BasicPrototype TitleHomeBase – Fall 2011

The project was to develop a business plan around a new innovative product that we developed for our marketing  class in the MDEI program. My team consisted of 3 people: Dana Peterson, Rob Gates and myself.  After a brainstorming session we decided to create a product that would connect families.  We noticed that despite the large numbers of devices and apps connecting users families are drifting further apart.

More on the Stratford Festival eBook ProjectStratford Festival eBook – Fall 2011

This was a MDEI Project done in conjunction with the Stratford Festival in Stratford.  To celebrate the festivals 60th Anniversary they wanted to develop an eBook to commemorate the history of the festival.  Our group was enlisted to design the layout of the eBook, and suggest content and marketing strategies. Over the period of 3 months we met with the festival several times, conducted research, and designed the layout of the potential book.

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